Kubernetes WAF for API security in the cloud

As most of the applications are moving to cloud , there are many factors which needs to be addressed . Reliability, Data management, Scalability, Cost and Security . Among all these , 37%  focus is on security . Cyber security is the #1 concern in almost all the cloud deployments . These days all the focus is on APIs . Almost all the web applications these days  are bundled with APIs . which is used for internal purpose , for external applications , which is also used for 3rd party interfacing too.

If you look at the recent stats 66% of the attacks are happening in Web APIs . Native cloud platforms requires , native cloud security . Prophaze’s  KubeWAF is focused on protecting the APIs which is deployed in the cloud . It  can be deployed as ingress controller in your native kubernetes platform. All the web transactions will be re-routed via the ingress controller with complete protection .Kubewaf will act as your defacto docker waf or container waf  and an all in one container security solution.

kubernetes WAF uses a combination of methods to detect and block attacks . Rate based filtering , Machine learning assisted behavioural analysis as few among them. Interface for protecting IoT enabled apis is one of the key featuere of kubeWAF along with Layer 7 DDoS protection.

Using KubeWAF interactive  dashboard and realtime reporting will be a treat for devops and security researchers to get a clear cut understanding about the incidents targeted to their cloud platform and ways to block them