How Does OWASP help cybersecurity professionals?

What is OWASP & How It Functions?

The Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP), founded in 2001 with the intention of improving the overall quality of the Internet’s application security. OWASP is an online community the facilitates freely available methodologies, articles, tools, technologies, and documentation concerning web app security.

The mission of the OWASP is to work with organizations worldwide to help them determine the scope and type of coverage needed for their applications and websites. When it comes to web application security testing guide standards, OWASP has achieved near-universal recognition. In short, OWASP is a web application security testing guide designed to help developers detect and avoid the majority of the common vulnerabilities that appear in commercially available web applications.

Who is OWASP Foundation? 

According to its official site which is OWASP Foundation is an international nonprofit organization. The foundation was set up in 2001 as a vehicle to provide technical assistance to the information security community. Its purpose is “to coordinate the research, development, and deployment of information security.” It also works on research and education related to information security best practices.

How Does OWASP Help Cybersecurity Professionals?

Cybersecurity, after all, poses a real and present danger to businesses of every kind – from traditional brick-and-mortar operations to the fast-paced internet world of social media. When networked computers are taken away from their owners for any reason, the results can be disastrous. That’s why companies of all sizes are increasingly worried about how to keep their networks safe, even as more attention is focused on the ever-present and dangerous threat of hackers to the nation’s most vital cyberspace interests.

As far as what this actually means in practical terms, the knowledge base of an organization will be made more efficient by using the resources provided by OWASP. For instance, there will be lesser delays in updating information systems, and this will save money for companies and individuals.

Another way in which information is made more secure is through the use of training courses and practical exercises. In a way, the knowledge that has been gained over time can be transferred to new situations. This is done through the creation of a comprehensive website that provides knowledge and skills in the areas of network security, information assurance, and penetration testing. In short, it means that this web-based learning portal allows cybersecurity professionals to get knowledge on the latest in information security.

The next way in which this is useful is through the application of the knowledge. The knowledge that you have acquired can be applied directly. This makes it very easy to protect yourself and your business. In fact, it is estimated that more than one million people have already benefited from the knowledge gained from this site.

The Final Say

According to OWASP, a plan is always required even before there is a clear need to implement one. There must be a defined objective or goal in mind as to why a company might want to secure its networks, and it should be able to be clearly defined and delineated. After that, however, comes the hard work of actually getting things done – a process that will typically involve determining what sort of network architecture will be employed, the hardware that will be used, and the security procedures that will be implemented.