Bot Detection

Bot Detection

The Problems

  • 20% of all web traffic is bad bots targeting APIs to bypass security controls.
  • Powered with ML, bots evade corporate defenses inflicting damage before security teams can respond.
  • Bots are dynamic and ever mutating, but WAFs are always behind, require prior rules.
  • Security teams are fighting cyberattacks blindfolded, trying to filter bad from good bots.

Security operating costs are escalating and hiring security experts is a growing burden.


  • Prophaze is an automated cybersecurity managed product to protect web apps and APIs from sophisticated bots that penetrate corporate defenses.
  • Using machines to fight machines dramatically reduces the time, skill and cost needed.
  • ML automation eliminates need for predefined and continually maintained rules, blacklists, whitelists, signatures, fingerprints, anomalies.
  • Turning web security from reactive and management intensive operations – to automated proactive service.

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Bots Mitigated


Unauthorized access to apps and APIs.
Credential stuffing, account takeover, lockout, creation.

Zero-Day Vulnerabilities

Attacks targeting a known software vulnerability before patch is available.

DDos Botnet

Using thousands of hosts infected with malware to flood and interrupt a host server, making it unavailable to users.

Credit Card Cracking / Gift Card Abuse

Theft of credit cards and gift cards.


Fake shoppers making items unavailable to real buyers, causing loss of revenues.

Vulnerability Scans

Automated process of identifying OWASP top 10 threats and security weaknesses in network devices, applications and APIs looking for vulnerabilities to exploit.

Web Scraping

Content and price scraping from websites.

Click Fraud

Fake ad clicks, music and video plays, paid surveys to boost search or social media rankings.

The Prophaze WAF can be deployed in any Virtual Private Cloud, dedicated for your instance alone. (Which is free from multi-tenancy vulnerabilities)

Latest Threat Database

EagleEye comes with daily updated rules and signature database. Have access to dozens of premium signature database, and supported by International Security Researchers

Prophaze EagleEye is updated with

  • Latest Threat Database
  • Real time Monitoring System
  • Live Alerts
  • Updated DDoS Protection Rules
  • Protection Against Bad Bots which Eats Bandwidth

Bot Analytics with Machine Learning

  • ML profiles layer 7 traffic behavior of millions of requests, signals and anomalies.
  • Automatically builds dynamic profile of malicious attacks.
  • ML algorithms evolve and adapt based on growing threats big data, cross customer analytics and honeypots network.

Deployment Options

  • SMB Managed Service

–SaaS Cloud WAF

–Fully managed service

–Custom API profiling

  • Enterprise On-Premise WAF

–Deployment in data center with legacy apps

–In addition to existing WAF security

–Virtual patching supporting DevOps/CD environments

–Professional services


–Integrated with 3rd party apps and appliances

–Improves security coverage

–Protects brand and customers SLAs

Real time Dashboard

EagleEye comes with ‘to the point dash’ so the necessary information needed for monitoring the protection is available

  • Real time Monitoring System
  • Live Alerts of incidents
  • Reporting with filtering
  • View and Send reports via email or via slack alerts
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  • Protects customer data, online revenues and brand.
  • Protects apps, websites, APIs, microservices.
  • Managed service easy to deploy, eliminates security complexity, operational expenses and need for in-house experts.
  • Reduces costly false positives without traffic interruption.
  • Flexible deployment across all web, cloud and legacy apps.
  • Actionable intelligence using data-rich dashboard with real-time threat data, drilldowns and risk scoring.
  • Enforces privacy regulations such as GDPR, CCPA and others.

ISO 27001 and PCI / DSS compliance.

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